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Ordinary Miracle

Welcome to our kennel!


“Ordinary Miracle” Breeding Nursery, registered with the Russian Сynological Federation and Fédération Cynologique Internationale, registration certificate No. 18162, is happy to invite you to our web-site.


This site is dedicated to the Berner Sennenhund (one of four Swiss Sennenhund breeds, also known as Swiss Mountain Dog) and the Russian Toy Terriers. These are good-natured, extremely smart and charming creatures! The Toy Terrier is a genuine Russian toy and an excellent companion!


The Swiss Sennenhunds are widely known as totally loyal, responsive and watchful, well socialized and amazingly docile dogs. Many of them demonstrate particular aptitude to safeguarding and protection. They are brave and fearless, but will never be the first to start the fight. In addition, they easily adapt to co-living with any other pets.


The objective of the kennel is to breed healthy dogs preserving all qualities inherent to the breed and in compliance with the current standards of the Berner Sennenhund and the Russian Toy Terrier breeds.


We have lived with dogs from 1989. Having spent with us 14 and a half year, in 2003 passed away our charming collie. It was dreadful, bitter experience for the whole family, but we could not live on without a dog since then. To avoid comparisons, we decided to select another breed. Our first acquaintance with a Berner Sennenhund occurred at a dog show in 2004. We were impressed by the animals of terrific appearance who turned out to be incredibly tranquil and gracious.


Saint-Medium Maggy Sherry became our first Berner. She was a role model of kindness, loyalty, exceptional obedience and beauty. And years do not matter: she will live in our hearts for ever!


At present, we are not intended to establish a large commercial nursery, neither we seek to have more dogs at home. Therefore, the parents for our sets of puppies will be scrupulously chosen out of healthy canis meeting the breed standards.


All the puppies have been socialized, are on good terms with other pets (we have two cats), and have been taught to behave in an apartment.


Our nurslings are regular participants of National and International shows and hold a number of titles, including Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Champion of National Breed Club, Champion of the Russian Сynological Federation, and Grand Champion of Russia.


Acquiring a puppy in our kennel, you can count on advice and support on matters of training, feeding, animal management, preparation to shows, and handling.


Each puppy has a full package of statutory documents of the Russian Cynological Federation and has been earmarked and vaccinated according to his/her age.


Our kennel does not provide the puppies to live in an aviary, through third parties and without personal meeting with their future owners.


Please, send your questions and applications for puppies by e-mail:


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